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The ECOCHILL HELIOS air-cooled chillers are designed for outdoor use only. The units are completely factory assembled, tested and filled with refrigerant and oil. Already standard, the Helios models have an above-average quality and comprehensive features. These include:

  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Most modern EC fans
  • Inner heat exchanger
  • Microchannel condenser
  • Stepped power control (from 4-cylinder compressors)
  • Completely enclosed compressor housing with sound insulation
  • Gas sensor with 2 thresholds
  • Atex centrifugal fan as a breakdown fan and for thermal regulation
  • Color selection RAL 7035 or RAL 7021


The Helios series is available in 2 different versions with regard to the safety equipment:


In the standard version, the compressor compartment is equipped with a gas sensor and, as in the case of the larger series, a self-starting safety extraction system with Atex fan in the event of an accident. The gas sensor works with 2 threshold values ​​(25 and 50% LEL) and activates the Atex fan in case of a gas leak.


In this embodiment, the gas sensor is dispensed with. As compensation must be a permanent suction of the compressor compartment. For this purpose, safety suction is provided with an air flow monitor, which monitors that the compressor compartment is always supplied with a sufficient air exchange. With this variant, the running costs for the maintenance and recalibration of the gas sensor are eliminated. The absence of the otherwise usual gas sensor must be taken into account in the explosion protection document. This option is only available after prior clarification of the project-specific boundary conditions and for devices with a refrigerant charge of less than 2.5 kg.


High-efficiency reciprocating compressor for use with R290 (propane) as refrigerant, with internal motor protection, rigidly mounted with oil sump heater. The compressors are specially designed for hazardous and flammable environments (zone 2, gas group IIB according to ATEX 94/9 / CE definition) and also have the following features:

High coefficient of performance (COP) thanks to the optimization of the flow dynamics of the internal media lines, the use of high performance engines and the use of the latest generation components.

  • Extremely low noise
  • Optionally also available for power control with inverter
  • Reduction of gas pressure fluctuations
  • Connection box in IP 65 (standard on almost all models in the series)
  • PTC sensor for hot gas temperature measurement
  • Special oil sight glass (model dependent equipment)
  • Special cylinder heads (model-dependent equipment)
  • Special oil differential pressure switch (model dependent equipment) and oil sump heater (Standard for all models), category 3G (Ex nA) available
  • Special accessories according to category 3G (Ex nA) available.
  • In the smaller capacity range and with capacities <2.5 kg, optional scroll compressors are now available. In combination with thermostatic expansion valves and in the version without gas sensor, a reasonably priced variant can be offered.


The latest generation of frequency inverters with 2 integrated PID controllers, fault memory and standard fieldbus interfaces (BACnet MS / TP, N2, FLN and Modbus RTU). Each inverter has a multilingual operating panel with integrated real-time clock and a large number of pre-programmed application macros. The standard protection functions include overvoltage and undervoltage control, ground fault monitoring, motor short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, phase failure monitoring, overload protection and motor stall protection. The frequency inverters comply with the standard IEC / EN 61000-3-12 and have the written declaration of conformity of the manufacturer.


Microchannel condensers consist of aluminum profiles and high efficiency aluminum fins. These have been designed to ensure safe and efficient operation, even at high outside air temperatures. Microchannel condenser have a very low internal volume and thus allows a significant reduction in the refrigerant charge. On request, the heat exchangers can be coated with different materials if the site is subject to special environmental conditions.


The fans rotate with low engine speed, direct driven, with integrated thermal protection and a 6-8 poles electric motor, blades with sash profile for low noise operation and contact guards. In addition to various options for controlling the speed of the AC fans, highly efficient EC fans are also available (see offer-specific equipment).


The dry expansion plate heat exchanger is made from AISI 316 stainless steel plates. The patented channeling and manifolds allow a high heat transfer coefficient. The design promotes a uniform distribution of water. The heat exchanger is supplied fully insulated in a vapor-tight manner.


The inner heat exchanger ensures a significantly increased efficiency. The superheat section allows a very stable expansion valve control. In the case of propane, the postcooling section has particularly high supercooling values ​​and the associated increase in efficiency. The integration takes place between the respective suction gas and liquid line of each circuit and causes the liquid refrigerant is subcooled before the electronic expansion valve. In return, the suction gas is overheated before entering the compressor, which leads to a significant reduction of the liquid content in the gas stream.


Depending on the version, the devices have one or more separate refrigerant circuits. Each comes standard with an electronic expansion valve, filter drier, sight glass, high and low pressure side venting safety valves, antifreeze thermostat, high and low pressure side pressure transmitters, Atex type high pressure limiter and Rotalock valves on the compressors.


This complies with EN 60204/1 and the CE directives and is installed in a separate compartment, which is closed with a safety door. The control cabinet is equipped with a main switch, an operating display, remote switch, automatic circuit breakers for each load, transformer for control current and terminal strip. The control cabinet is monitored by a thermostat and, if necessary, ventilated by an integrated fan. If a hydraulic kit is integrated, the circuit for the pump or pumps in the control cabinet is also provided. The control cabinet is located on the inside and secured by another control cabinet door (double door arrangement) and fulfills protection class IP55. Important alarm messages, such as a higher-level collective fault message.


The electronic microprocessor controls and regulates the entire unit. The controller is located inside the control cabinet and has settings for all relevant parameters. The control of the unit is fully automatic depending on the flow, or return temperature of the medium to be cooled and possibly taking into account a frost protection function or a Saugdruckbegrenzung. Furthermore, the controller has a fully automatic capacity control of the compressors, as well as the condenser fans. If one or more compressors are speed-controlled via an inverter, the complete load management takes place via 0-10 V signals from the microprocessor. The display built into the cabinet door allows the display of all relevant operating parameters, including alarm indication. Optionally, the use of a touch screen display is possible. For data transmission, a bus interface with Modbus RTU protocol (RS485 interface) is available as standard. Optionally there is the possibility to connect to the internet via integrated web server.