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The ZERO C family of cooling equipment provides efficiency and high performance with Natural Refrigerant technology.

From 10kW to 2,000kW and with an operating temperature range from 7C to -30C leaving temperatures, the ZERO C range provides the latest refrigeration technology with cutting edge environmental and efficiency benefits.

Yukon Is The New Family Of Medium Size Water/Glycol Chillers


Model Capacity (kW) No. Of Compressors Design Length Width mm Height mm Weight
YK30 30 1 LPR 1200 1200 1600 1200
YK50 47 1 LPR 1200 1200 1600 1500
YK100 95 2 OVERFED 2000 1200 2200 1900
YK150 140 3 OVERFED 2500 1200 2200 2300
YK200 200 3 OVERFED 2500 1200 2200 2300
YK250 270 4 OVERFED 3000 1200 2200 2600
YK350 360 4 OVERFED 3000 1200 2200 2600
YK400 450 5 OVERFED 3500 1200 2200 3000

YUKON Characteristics

  • High efficiency, also at high ambient temperature
  • Exclusive, proven and innovative circuit design, allowing maximum use of heat transfer surfaces:
    • c) Low Pressure Receiver for units up to 60 kW, with one compressor. They can be combined with more units in parallel
    • d) Gravity overfeed for larger units up to 450 kW, available also with super efficient “ enjector “technology. Combining more units in parallel allows to reach high capacity, suitable for industrial applications (i.e. food factories)
  • Robust design , with stainless steel circuit, fully welded
  • Easy service, all the components are easily accessible
  • Plug and play unit
  • Non toxic and non flammable refrigerant, which make the YUKON family the safest in the space conditioning and Heat Pump sector
  • Small footprint
  • Low noise, due to special cladding protection
  • It can be integrated with gas cooler/condenser


  • cladding for outdoor (for model YK100-YK450) while cladding is always included for other YK models.
  • Gas cooler/condenser
  • heat recovery for sanitary water


How Does it Work?

The water chiller, depending on cooling load request from AC system, generates “cold water”. The capacity of the water chiller, that is the amount of cold water produced, varies automatically increasing or decreasing compressors capacity. In a first mode of operation the heat is rejected normally to ambient air.


Hot water production – see option ‘Heat Recovery’

A second mode of operation is used when hot water is required. The 3-way valve is automatically reverted then all the available heat is transferred to water cylinder and the mass flow of refrigerant by-passes the gas cooler/condenser.

A third mode of operation is “reheating “ of water in the cylinder: in that condition the “hot CO2” passes both through heat recovery heat exchanger and gas cooler/condenser.

In this way it is possible to produce practically for free, hot water for sanitary use, at temperature up to 70°C. If – for example – the AC load is 100 kW the amount of heat rejected is approximatively 130 kW.

It is possible to use completely that large amount of heat for heating approx 2200 liters / hour of water from 20°to 70°C without affecting the efficiency of the chiller. The water cylinder and the water pumps are operated in such a way as to take full advantage of stratification of warm water.

The “value” of the heat recovered is approx 5,0 € /hour assuming as a reference methane. A total operation time of 2000 hours /year gives a saving of 10.000,00 € / year.


yukon water brine chiller

yukon water brine chiller

These packaged water chillers are available with a 100 heat recycling option. The system output is dependent on the demand of each particular application

Meet the highest environmental standards by using natural refrigerants

  • Process cooling
  • Production cooling
  • Water chilling

  • Water/glycol cooling
  • Production cooling
  • Water chilling

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