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Providing Specifiers and contractors with the complete hydrocarbon refgrigeration support service

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Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency
  • Robust design and smooth operation
  • Compactness
  • Low noise
  • Complete automatic backup of critical components for a trouble free operation
  • Easy service, plug and play unit
  • Standard supply with 45bar design pressure LP/IP side – 120 bar HP side
  • Large volume liquid receiver
  • Ducting of pressure relief devices to a common header
  • CE/PED marking Cat. IV


  • Heat recovery for space and /or sanitary water heating
  • Design pressure 60 bar LP/IP side
  • Backup cooling unit, also available with self contained battery and 12V DC supply
  • Liquid level visual indicator and/or liquid level transmitter
  • Integrated water cooled condenser
  • Enjector for higher efficiency and increased capacity
  • Economizer for efficient operation at high ambient temperature – auxiliary compressor(s)
  • Customer specified control system