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Whenever big quantities of hot water are needed and/or big peaks of usage are present.

  • Restaurants, hotels and canteens
  • Laundries, residential complexes and sport centres
  • Hospitals, agrifood industries and gyms


Transcritical cycle operated by CO2 is ideal for efficient use of the high temperature glide of refrigerant for heating water from a low temperature.

High pressure/high temperature CO2 icirculates in one heat exchanger and heats up in a single passage (once-through) mains water, circulated with a variable speed pump so as to reach the water temperature set in the most efficient way.

The high water temperature makes it possible stratification in a special vessel, so avoiding, as with normal heat pumps, to mix water at different temperatures.

By using this kind of water storage it is possible to operate the heat pump during night time, taking advantage of lower energy costs.


  • Evaporator with anti-corrosion coating
  • Stratified water tank
  • Manometers panel
  • Web server included for remote monitoring
  • Electronic soft starter
  • Metallic mesh for protection of finned coil evaporator
  • EC ventilators