Proven Technology

Green Cooling is the exclusive UK partner/distributor of BoTemp for the application of Cold Batteries within static refrigeration
• BoTemp have a long history in the manufacture & provision of thermal batteries for mobile refrigeration applications
• BoTemp technology is established and well proven within the European transport refrigeration sector
• Tried & tested Cold PCM* (EutecBc) Technology enables a delivery vehicle to operate throughout the day with no mechanical refrigeration system in operation
*PCM – Phase Change Material

Energy Storage

Awareness is steadily developing within the UK of the increasing importance of energy storage, this usually relates to the storage of electricity BUT why not the storage of thermal energy?

• What could be more straight forward than cost effectively storing Cold Energy within a compact battery to use when you need it?
• Transport refrigeration has had a historical need for batteries to provide stored refrigeration capacity
• Green Cooling have now developed a partnership with BoTemp to deliver this proven mobile Cold Battery technology to the static cold storage/refrigeration sector

Cold PCM Technology

Elements are mounted inside the cold store and charged via the existing refrigeration system or a supplementary low energy charging unit

cold batteries pcm technology

Retrofit or New Installation


Cold Battery Operation

The Cold Energy is stored in a PCM Gel either within beam or tube batteries located inside the cold store or within externally located battery blocks.

  • The energy is dissipated and delivered over a predetermined time period dependent on the demands of the application
  • Can operate between a temperature range of +5ºC to -25ºC
  • Charged via existing refrigeration condensers or existing centralised packaged refrigeration units
  • Supplementary independent charging units can be specified to support existing refrigeration systems where required

Cold Battery Applications

  1. Reduce risk by providing contingency within critical cold storage applications, store stand-by Cold Energy and use the Cold Battery to maintain temperatures during unplanned refrigeration system shutdowns – RETROFIT OR NEW INSTALLATION
  2. Reduce energy costs and economically accumulate energy in the battery by taking advantage of off peak low cost electricity and then use the stored energy during higher cost peak tariff periods
  3. Reduce demand, limit your sites peak electricity demand by using stored Cold Energy to supplement refrigeration capacity during periods of high electricity demand
  4. Save costs by turning central refrigeration plant off during overnight low load periods, reduce inefficient operation by using the Cold Energy stored within the battery

Complete Support

Green Cooling provide a complete service to the specifier, contractor or end user:

  • Load calculation and specification
  • Site survey with design input
  • Selection of application specific systems
  • Refrigeration system integration solutions
  • Installation support service
  • Commissioning service
  • Full manufacturer/factory support


Practical Innovation

Consider specifying this product on sites where there is a clear and practical need:

  • Proven and established technology with a long history within the transport refrigeration sector
  • PCM technology that can now be applied within static cold storage applications
  • The drive to reduce energy costs along with a real focus on increasing contingency & efficiency is increasing application
  • Use to provide flexibility to your sites operations