CO2 Heat Pumps for both retrofit and new build applications

Heat Pumps are a source of renewable hot water generation at your site, whether residential or commercial:

1) The Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI) could give greater returns with respect to retrofit applications.
2) Hot water production within a 52-week period is preferable to seasonal heating only. This setup greatly reduces both cost and carbon emissions.

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CO2 Heat Pump Systems – for both Practical and Cost-Saving Benefits

To meet the highest environmental standards, equipment should operate using natural refrigerants like CO2. Here are just some of the advantages to utilising this refrigerant:

  • High-temperature heaters are available from either air & ground/water source.
  • Proven technology provides both cooling and hot water
  • Delivers a COP of 4 when producing water at 65ºC
  • R410 model delivers COP of 1.9 when producing hot water at 65ºC
  • Carbon dioxide is twice as efficient as conventional refrigerants

Using our CO2 heat pump technology, you can save energy and money whilst also act in the best interests of the environment.

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operational co2 heat pumps

CO2 heat pumps in action