The EU has introduced regulations to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 21 percent in 2030 – compared to the average emissions in the period from 2009 to 2012. These regulations have banned products that use refrigerants with a very high Global Warming Potential (GWP) and given manufacturers and consumers an extra incentive to choose more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Panasonic is set to introduce its 2HP unit first, with plans to later roll-out a wider range up to 20HP in refrigeration and freezing operation. These units incorporate Panasonic’s unique, innovative 2-stage rotary compressor which ensures that they perform 20% more efficiently than other products that use the more conventional refrigerant R404A. The units have been designed to optimise efficiency and ensure a very low noise level, so that they not only provide fantastic performance but are unobtrusive when installed in the retail environment.

Panasonic introduces this new solution as a complete package which is easy to install. This complete package includes a condensing unit, panel with preprogrammed controller, expansion valve and all required sensors. Thanks to this clever solution from Panasonic, commissioning is quick and simple. This CO2 solution ensures low refrigerant charge and reduces the cost of installation and servicing.


Extremely lightweight at only 70kg and easy to install and service, the new Panasonic cooling and freezing solution is one of the most user-friendly units available. In 2009, Panasonic was the first company in the industry to begin verification testing of CO2 refrigerant devices in Japan and aims to install approximately 5,800 units of CO2 condensing unit in approximately 2,200 retail stores in Japan by March 2017. This depth of knowledge and expertise ensures that Panasonic’s units are the most reliable on the market. This reliability is crucial in the retail market, where food must be kept at a certain temperature and failure to do so can lead to significant cost implications. Panasonic’s reliability is supported by its 5 year compressor warranty.

With the development of more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, Panasonic is helping retailers and other food outlets to adhere to EU regulations and promote themselves as environmentally-friendly, green businesses. Panasonic aims to take the lead in promoting natural refrigerants and reducing the impact of the food industry on the environment.

Facts about the CO2 condensing unit:

  • The same unit can be used for both refrigeration and freezing temperatures.
  • It uses Panasonic’s unique Plug and play system.
  • Unique CO2 solution, with a GWP of 1.

For more information, please visit www.aircon.panasonic.eu

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