How to realise cooling with the eChiller?

The eChiller provides the chilled water for cooling of the switching cabinets, while decentralised air/water heat exchangers remove the heat of the switch cabinets. The heat exchangers have a cooling capacity of 350 W to 10 kW, depending on the configuration – which can be increased to as much as 40 kW using modular systems.

The eChiller offers the following benefits for switching cabinet cooling

  • Maintenance of the required temperature in the switching cabinet
  • High availability due to the small number of wear parts in the switching cabinet heat exchanger
  • No heat discharge into the production area
  • Highly efficient thanks to fully adjustable, integrated free cooling
  • F-Gas Regulation does not apply
  • High availability due to modular architecture
  • Cooling capacity easily scaled to accommodate increasing heat loads
  • Predictive service & maintenance
  • Cooling close to production (no machine rooms or monitoring required)

Example of switch cabinet installation