Green Thermal Energy can apply energy saving equipment within the following sectors:

Hotels / Restaurants / Manufacturing plants / Processing plants / HVAC / Public sector / Leisure / Production sites

All of these applications have the potential to save energy use and the Green Thermal Energy method can achieve a highly attractive pay back on investment.

Additionally, Green Thermal Energy can provide a fully-financed installation which provides an off-balance sheet solution, delivering significant savings to the user. To learn more about how our applications are affordable and even profitable, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

This fully financed package provides a solution that answers the common issue of capital expenditure vs. operational benefit; with a Green Thermal Energy package a site has the potential to achieve significant energy savings without capital expenditure.

The application of an energy-efficient system also minimises the facility’s negative impact on its environment and wider surroundings. With our assistance, you can ensure your buildings are compliant with carbon emission targets.

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